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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a project and want to put it out on the station. What do I do?

    The CRC_AES and CVARS facilities are available for use by all UCR researchers with AES Projects. The process begins with a Project Meeting with the staff at Agricultural Operations. The staff will work with the researcher to develop the cultural program that will meet the project protocol requirements. The meeting also serves to reduce the potential for misunderstanding to make it a success. Besides the importance to Agricultural Operations for implementation of cultural practices, this meeting can be very useful to the researcher in planning the project and, even, in preparing a grant proposal. The meeting has the most value the earlier it occurs in the project planning process. The project meeting usually takes between ½ hr and 1 hr.

    After the meeting, a Land Allocation Request* is prepared by the researcher and signed by the requesting Department Chair. Projects that are one crop season are usually processed by Agricultural Operations. The Agricultural Operations Policy Committee must approve projects that exceed one crop season or that involve components that would require faculty oversight, including introduction of a weed or pest.

  • How do I set up a project meeting?

    In setting up the meeting, the researcher contacts Agricultural Operations by telephone, email, or in-person. Some information will be requested about the project including such things as the type of study, the crop to be used, the size of the plot area needed, the anticipated starting sate, and the length of time the study will take, and any unusual requirements such as introduction of a biological entity. This information will allow us to prepare in advance of the meeting by selecting potential sites and to guide us as to which staff members to have in attendance at the meeting that will likely work on the project.

  • How much will it cost for my project?

    The cost for establishment and care of a field research project depends upon the needs of the project. Ag Ops calculates the cost based upon the information gained in the project meeting. The researcher is charged according to the amount of work and supplies needed.

  • How do I make changes in a current project?

    A work order usually is adequate to make changes in a project. If there are to be major changes, it is useful to call for another project meeting to be sure there will be no misunderstandings as to who does what. If you want to reduce the size of your land allocation, complete a Land Allocation Release* form and forward it (fax, email, campus mail) to our office.

  • How do I submit a work order?

    If you have an existing project or greenhouse bench space and need Agricultural Operations to perform services in your research plot or greenhouse complete a work order, fill out and submit online, or fill out, save and attach to an email. It is also possible to come to the Agricultural Operations office to fill out a Work Order* and obtain more information as to how we can proceed in getting the work done. Please make sure to include any appropriate FAU information. To set up a project or greenhouse space request, call (951) 827-5906, email, or come by the office to set up an appointment.

  • How do I request a soil order?

    Open or download the Soil Work Order form. Complete the form with the date, your name, department and extension. Include the amount of soil (in cubic yards) and the type of soil mix you would like. (See here for images of the process). Select the type of steam pasteurization and finally, indicate the appropriate FAU information. Fax, mail, or bring the completed form to our office. Or, email the completed notice.

    Please forward the form at least one week prior to the date you want delivery of the soil. Also, soil trailers are subject to demurrage fees 30 days after delivery of soil order.

  • How do I make a land allocation request?

    Open or download the Land Allocation Request* form. Then submit, fax or bring it to our office. A project meeting to determine which site would be the most suitable usually precedes land allocations. The Land Allocation Request must have a valid project number and the signature of the Chair of the requesting Department.

  • How do I make a land release notice?

    Download the land release notice* and send as an attachment to an email. Land release forms can also be filled out in the Ag Ops office, faxed, or mailed.

  • How do I report a problem or make a suggestion?

    For immediate attention, please call or stop by the office. Non urgent messages can be sent from here.

  • How do I get information about Homeowner problems?

    Unfortunately, Ag Ops is not set up to answer questions about problems in the home garden. Contact the UC Cooperative Extension office of your home county (Riverside County residents click here; San Bernardino County residents here). The California Master Gardeners Network are trained volunteers with UC Cooperative Extension to assist California home gardeners and landscapers. In addition, local nurserymen are often very knowledgeable about growing plants in their area and can be an extremely valuable resource.

  • How do I request greenhouse space?

    Greenhouse facilities are available for use to the researchers/faculty in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences. The process begins with an e-mail describing your needs such as space requirement, temperature range, isolation, water needs (fertilizer, DI, industrial water) and any special requirements. You may submit an email to

  • How much will bench space cost?

    The total cost is based by tier level multiplied by total bench space which will be billed on a monthly basis during your project duration.

    Annual Greenhouse Rates for Levels 1 through 4 per square foot of bench space:

    Greenhouse Level Current Rates FY 20-21*
    Level 1 $3.97 $4.56
    Level 2 $4.02 $4.62
    Level 3 $4.18 $4.81
    Level 4 $4.48 $5

    Annual Lathhouse Rates for Levels 5 through 6 per square foot of bench space:

    Greenhouse Level Current Rates FY 20-21*
    Level 5 $3.87 $4.46
    Level 6 N/A N/A

    Rates based on 80% capacity usage & 50% labor subsidy
    Houses with no benches are rated at 50% occupancy for bench space charges.
    *Anticipated rates for future fiscal years

  • How do I make changes to a greenhouse space (e.g., add, subtract or release bench space?

    To request or release greenhouse bench space, you may do so by submitting an email explaining the greenhouse bench space you would like to acquire or remove, please include the date you would like to move in or date you moved out.

  • How do I request a change in the emergency contact(s) for greenhouse?

    Any changes to the original emergency contact form that we initially requested for posting will need a new form resubmitted. The form can be found here or under Forms or 'Greenhouses and Other Growing Facilities'. You may submit the form via email or intercampus mail.

  • What amenities are available in a greenhouse? Who takes care of the plants?

    The basic amenities in a greenhouse are benches, heating, cooling, and irrigation. Greenhouses are not all equal therefore an assessment is required to determine the most suitable fit for the researcher’s requirements. Plant care is multi-dimensional. We have several greenhouse technicians, who are responsible for providing and scouting for pest control, walking through greenhouse space 2-3x/week to monitor heating, cooling and irrigation. Any special request such as potting/re-potting requires a Work Order*.

  • How do I get specialty items in my GH section required for my project? (grow lights, etc.)

    You may acquire specialty items for your research project by sending an email to Agricultural Operations for the item(s) you are requesting. We will review the request but depending on your needs, we may already have a greenhouse that is equipped to fulfill your project.

  • How do I request space in a Head house or Growth Chamber?

    Please contact your department as Head house and Growth Chamber use is administered by your department.

  • Do you have someone that performs maintenance in a growth chamber?

    Yes, we have growth chamber maintenance available, please send an email.

  • How do I request access to the fields?

    To request access for yourself or your student, the PI must contact our department. An email should be submitted to start the process. Once we receive your email, it will be processed; you will be contacted when the card/key is available for pick up. A valid ID is required to pick up the card/key.

  • How do I rent poster boards for my event?

    To request poster board set-up, please send us a Work Order*. Complete the work order with a contact name and number, event location, date time of delivery, pick-up, Full Accounting Unit (FAU), and other pertinent information that will assist us in setting up the boards in a timely manner.

  • I have a pest problem (e.g., rats, thrips, mites, etc.) in my greenhouse, who should I contact?

    To request a pesticide spray or placement of rat bait and/or traps, submit a Work Order* to Agricultural Operations.

  • If I have a weed problem in my greenhouse, who should I contact?

    To request weed control for your greenhouse, please submit a Work Order* to Agricultural Operations.

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