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Better Turf Thru Agronomics is prepared for the delegates and membership of UCRTRAC. The intent is to present summaries of turfgrass research results and topical information of interest to the southern California turfgrass industries.

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December 2002  (215 KB)

Turf Protects the Environment, Benefits Health
http://ucrturf.ucr.edu UCR Turfgrass Research Program Launches Meaty Website
Turf Growth Response Under Restricted Light
New Fungicides for California Turf, 2002-2004
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July 2002

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Second UCRTRAC Golf Tournament: A Winner for Turf Research
Thanks to Tournament Sponsors
Nitrogen Improves Fall Color Retention in Three Seeded Bermudagrasses; Iron Applications, Vertical Mowing Not Helpful
Allelochemicals (Phenolic Compounds) Act as Growth Inhibitors; Distribution Differs in Warm- and Cool-Season Turf Species
New UCR Biotechnology Specialist

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April 2002

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NTEP Published UCRTRAC's Final Results in National On-Site Test of Overseed Grasses for Bermudagrass Fairways
UCRTRAC Developed BMPs for Tall Fescue Irrigation and Nitrogen Fertilization
Final Results from Annual Bluegrass Putting Green Management Study: Apply Fertilizers in Ratio of 3:1:2-3
Summary of Annual UCRTRAC Research Activity for 2001
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January 2002

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New UC Riverside Turfgrass Research Site in the Coachella Valley Will Benefit Industry
Nitrogen and Potassium Are Significant Inputs for Traffic Tolerance on Creeping Bentgrass Putting Greens
Amending Turf Soil for Sports: Optimal Amount of Green Waste Compost Not Clear Yet
New UCR Urban Plant Pathology Specialist
Buffalograss and Zoysiagrass: Hot Picks for Functional, Low Input Sites
Functional Turf Sites: Buffalograss Had Best Dry-down Response and Drought Recovery
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June 2001

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Inaugural UCRTRAC Golf Tournament: Putting, Driving, and Scoring for Research
Thanks to Tournament Sponsors
Energy Conservation Strategies for Turfgrass Maintenance in California
Practical Advice to the Golf Industry
Evaluation of Overseed Pretreatments
Herbicide Selectivity and Tolerance in California Turfgrasses

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April 2001

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Management Study of Annual Bluegrass Putting Greens Yields Beneficial Results
UCRTRAC Participates in National On-Site Test on Overseeded Bermudagrass Fairways
UCRTRAC Leads One of NTEP's On-Site Putting Green Trials
UCRTRAC 2000 Annual Research Summary Report

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January 2001

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Herbicide Resistance in California Turf: Not Yet, But Worldwide Trends Give Warning
May 3, 2001 – First UCRTRAC Research Golf Tournament
Financial Backing and Employee Training Needed for BMP Implementation Say Turf Managers in Response to Survey
Resources for Turf Disease Diagnosis
Poa annua: Desired Species or Aggressive, Weedy Winter Invader
Identification and Life Cycle of Poa annua
Topdressing Compost on Turf Improves Turf Quality, Reduces Weeds
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June 2000

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Fall Renovation Treatments Do Not Increase PM10 Emissions in the Coachella Valley
Golf Growth: California Led the Nation in 1999; Southern Counties Led the State
Soil Type Affects NO3-N Leaching on Overseeded Bermudagrass Fairways
Tall Fescue: BMPs Being Developed at UCR for Irrigation and Nitrogen
Sports Turf Management Overview: Part II. Secondary Maintenance Practices
UCRTRAC 1999 Annual Research Summary
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December 1999

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Contact Transfer of Pesticides from Turf: Refocusing Default Assumptions on Reality
NOEL and Exposure Reduction Measures
Sports Turf Management Overview: I. Primary Maintenance Practices
Urban Waste-Based Soil Amendments May Benefit Turf and Landscape Industries
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August 1999

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California Water Demand Snapshot
How Much Water Is Used for Landscape Irrigation in Urban Southern California?
Best Management Practice 5 (BMP 5) Mandates ETo-based Water Use Budgets at CII Sites
The Water Supply in Southern California
Usage of Reclaimed Water for Landscape Irrigation
Water Recycling Criteria in California
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April 1999

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Snapshot of the Southern California Golf Industry: 1998 Year-End Statistics Highlighted
Benefits of the Toro HydroJect 3000 for Golf Course Superintendents
Improvement of Spring Transition on Overseeded Bermudagrass Putting Greens
New UCR Technique Gives Turf Managers An Easy Way To Increase Irrigation Efficiency
UCRTRAC Annual Research Summary Report for 1998 Now Available
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December 1998

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Pesticide Partitioning in a Putting Green Environment: Field Measurements vs. Computer Model Prediction
What Happened to the Grass in the Retractable Roof Baseball Stadium?
Nitrogen Fertilizer Movement in a Turf System
NTEP Variety Trials: Bermudagrass Cultivar Performance Results
New UC Strategy Controls Bermudagrass in Cool-Season Turf
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June 1998

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ET-based Irrigation Scheduling Saves Water and Money; UCR Research on Turf Plant Factors (Kc) Aids Budgeting
Green Kyllinga Is Becoming A Major Turf Weed in California
New Delegates Appointed to UCRTRAC
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April 1998  (182 KB)

Turf Research Makes Good Business Sense: UCRTRAC's Impact in Southern California Presented in Annual Research Report
Turf Biotech at UCR: Identifying LFR Genes to Reduce Irrigation Costs, Conserve Water, and Improve Drought Resistance
Demystifying Biotech: A Useful Tool for Plant Improvement
Kikuyugrass Can Provide High-Quality Turf with the Right Maintenance
SCGA Members' Club Participates in a National Putting Green Trial with UCR Turf Researcher
Management of Annual Bluegrass Putting Greens Studied in First GCSAA Chapter Cooperative Research Program in California
Nitrogen and Iron Enhance Zoysia Winter Color Better Than Overseeding When Temperatures Are Moderate, Reducing Maintenance Costs
'De Anza' Zoysia To Make Its Major League Debut
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November 1997  (79 KB)

El Niño May Affect Best Management Practices and Nitrogen Leaching on Overseeded Bermudagrass Fairways
Reducing Yard Waste in California: Grasscycling May Have an Important Role
Nitrogen Fertilizers Evaluated on Tall Fescue for Two Years
Evaluation of 23 Slow- and Fast-Release Nitrogen Fertilizers on Overseeded Common Bermudagrass in the Cool Season
UCR Extension Develops Certificate Program in Turfgrass Management
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June 1997  (120 KB)

Sting Nematode Threatens Coachella Valley Golf Courses; Quarantine Is In Effect
Maintaining Bermudagrass Athletic Fields in LA County: A New UC Report
Improvement of the Spring Transition of Overseeded Bermudagrass Putting Greens in the Coachella Valley: A Two-Year Study
Overseeding Pretreatments: An Evaluation
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March 1997  (121 KB)

UCR's New Putting Green Traffic Simulator Facilitates Fine-Tuning Research Results and Recommendations
New Simulator Mimics Metal Spikes or Alternate Spikes
Nitrogen Transport and Fate: Key Factors in Fertilization Program
Tall Fescue Is More Effective Than Perennial Ryegrass in Resisting Kikuyugrass Invasion
Buffalograss -- A Promising Drought-Resistant Turf for California
UC Scientists Release Two Buffalograss Cultivars; Continue Performance Tests
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November 1996  (118 KB)

Putting Turf in a Retractable-Roof Baseball Stadium for the First Time -- A Novel Challenge
Black Turfgrass Ataenius Damage Thresholds
Growth and Development of Kikuyugrass: An Invasive Weed on Golf Courses and Lawns
Kikuyugrass Spreads Mainly by Clonal Propagation
Sequential Herbicide Applications Provide Effective Control of Kikuyugrass
Two New Products Show Promise for Chemical Edging of Turf
Recycled Water for Turf Irrigation: A Valuable Resource for Professionals
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September 1996  (110 KB)

UCRTRAC – A New Linkage Between Researchers and Industry Clientele
Fate of Pesticides and Fertilizers in a Simulated Golf Course Turfgrass Environment
Bentgrass Variety Trials
Topdressings for Disease Control on Turf
National Turfgrass Evaluation Program
Improved Winter Color of Warm-Season Turfgrasses – NTEP Variety Trial Results
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