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Better Turf Thru Agronomics
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This periodic newsletter, produced by the University of California Turfgrass Research Advisory Committee (UCRTRAC), includes updates and summaries of ongoing and completed research by UCR turf researchers and Extension personnel affiliated with the UCR Turfgrass Research Program. Topical issues, industry news, and event announcements are also featured.

California Turfgrass Culture
California Turfgrass Culture, formerly Southern California Turfgrass Culture, has been in print for forty years and, during that time, a wealth of turfgrass literature has been presented. Includes releases of technical and semi-technical articles.

UCRTRAC Accumulative Research Summary
The purpose of the Accumulative Research Summary is to provide the most recent reporting on past and current studies in a brief outline format along with associated Final Reports.

Annual UCR Turfgrass and Landscape Research Conference and Field Day Proceedings
Archive of the proceedings of the annual research conference and field tour held at the UCR Turfgrass Research Facility from 1987 to 2002, including abstracts of results and observations of research projects on topics such as turfgrass and landscape management, cultural practices and pest management. The next Field Day Porceedings is September 16, 2010.

News from the UCR Turfgrass Program
Quarterly updates of ongoing research and timely information based on research from the UCR Turfgrass Research Program published in February, May, August and November.

Pest Notes (such as Lawn Diseases and Lawn Insects)
This database supplies the University of California's official guidelines for pest monitoring techniques, pesticides, and nonpesticide alternatives for managing pests in homes and landscapes. Spanish edition (Notas Breves en español) is also available.

UC Agricultural and Natural Resources (ANR) Turf and Lawns Publications
UC ANR Communication Services produces a variety of practical, research-based educational media -- publications, videos, slide presentations, interactive distance learning, audio recordings and electronic multimedia. This link will take you directly to the turf and lawn section of the UC ANR catalog.

UC Pest Management Guidelines for Turfgrass
Established in 1980 with the California State Legislature's support and encouragement, the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project (UC IPM) develops and promotes the use of integrated, ecologically sound pest management programs in California. This site has about 50 turfgrass-related articles, including general information about turfgrass species and descriptions and control measures for diseases, insects and mites, nematodes, and weeds which affect turfgrass.

Reports on Topical Issues
Reports on selected topical issues including water use, water quality, fate of pesticides in the environment, fertilization, and trends in the southern California turfgrass industry, and benefits of turfgrass.

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